Sunday, October 24, 2010

San Antonio

For my birthday Taylor gave me a trip anywhere with my Mom and Sisters. All of them were on board for one wild weekend. My grandma's came with us as well. I had a great time. Taylor took the kids for 4 day while I went and played with my family, I even left Drew home. Taylor is such a great guy to take this on. I could not thank him enough as well as his Mom for taking them during the day while Taylor was at work. I left on a Friday night and did not get home until Tuesday night. It was a blast. We went to the River Walk, went on a river ride, visited the Alamo and went to Sea World. Which was a blast acting like a little kid in an amusement park. Thanks to everyone that went. I am so glad everyone came. I love you all!!!

I didn't get a picture with all of us in it. Sorry
So here is Grandma Timmer, Mom, Wendy, Ashley, Allie, Georgia, and Jaydie
Jaydie even got to come and what a trooper. She was happy all the time.

Killer Whale at Sea World. I just love that place.

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Chad and Nicole said...

Oh, how fun!! What a great birthday present!