Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chloe just turned 3 and lets just say it was the best day of her life. Both grandparents came as well as many Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.
I love this picture of Sophie and her big eyes.

Our Trip

Our cruise ship.
Chloe laughed when she saw this picture. I guess we embarrassed her.

Look who I ran into in St. Thomas. Rachel an old friend from high school. Small world.

Wendy and the Captain of the ship.

Our Trip

The Tyler's were so nice to put us up for the night. We went to Billie Bob's safari in the Everglades with them. We saw lots of interesting wildlife including turtles, pigs, bison, alligators, deer, did I say pigs, and more pigs.
Can you believe we actually came home. Crystal clear water and 80 degree weather in the Bahamas.

This place is amazing. It reminded us alot of Zion's National Park. You can go and walk thru the rocks behind us. Virgin Gourda (The Bathes). The British Virgin Island.

We went hiking in the DR in mud up to our ankles. You are suppose to rent horses and be carried into this waterfall. That would be for sissy's and people thought we were really strange and kept asking us if we lost our horses. Nope just out for an adventure we would tell them. Our husbands even got asked if they were going to make their wifes walk in mud. One of them replied "Of Course".

On the trail, Laura (in green shirt) being helped by Jose. He was very helpful and very concerned for all of us. Jeremy, Rick, Katie, and Wendy on the trail to the waterfall.