Monday, August 30, 2010

Today at dinner I was trying to think of what Chloe and Sophie would say was their favorite dessert were. I decided I would just ask them. Chloe said nanna pie without the cream on top. We thought she was so sophisticated with her answer. I then asked Chloe what Sophie's favorite dessert would be and she said everything.
Taylor hiked Mt. Borah on Friday with the scouts. They all seemed to have a great time.

Taylor on top of Mt. Borah. Only Taylor, one other leader, and one scout made it to the top.

Chloe and Sophie posing.

Sophie on the tub ride at Roaring Springs. I do have to say Sophie was alot more daring than Chloe. Sophie was begging us to go down this tub ride. We finally gave in. She had a terrifying look on her face until she saw me at the bottom waiting to catch her.

We went to Roaring Springs one night. It was absolutely freezing. The kids loved and I only wished it was warmer.
Here is Jerome going down the tub ride.
Will on the big yellow slide.

Sophie taking it all in.

Taylor went on a little golf tour with three friends from high school. They called it the first annual Boys on Tour.

Chloe also decided this summer that she can cut her own hair. Hence the bald spot front and center. Luckily it covers up pretty good. A few days later I noticed that she had also cut the sides. They are now little wispeys. Got to love the spunk she has.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

July and August Update

We are enjoying the last moments of summer before the cooler weather comes our way and our neighbor start decorating for Halloween. We spent a weekend up Provo Canyon with the extended Kartchner family. We love seeing everyone and reminiscing. Two weeks later we rented a cabin in Donnelly for Taylor's immediate family reunion. We enjoyed golfing (for the boys), white water rafting (for the girls) as well as tons of beach time on Lake Cascade. Sorry no pictures of either reunion. Our latest adventure is the purchase of a park as Chloe would call it. A trusty new swing set. I am just waiting for the HOA to issue a citation for it being too white trashy. We have been wanting one for a while now and when I saw it on Craiglist I called immediately. The kids love it and have spent most the day on it today.
Taylor's brother Jordan took pictures of our family last week. They are so WONDERFUL!!! He did a really good job. Thanks Unkee Jordan!!!!!!

This one is my favorite. Too precious!!!! Brings out the country girl in her!!!!!