Monday, November 23, 2009


Yes folks we are expecting baby #3 in early June. Just went to the doctor today and everything is looking good. Chloe is very excited. It was nice to hear only one heart beat at the doctor's office today.Chloe has been telling me the last couple of weeks that there are two babies. Lets just pray that doesn't happen.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Is it just me or does Christmas seem to come earlier every year. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas but in November. We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. My neighbor started decorating his front yard yesterday. Don't forget it was only November 8th. He has his driveway lined with candy canes, 4 wreaths on his house, and 6 large lawn ornaments in the front yard. Maybe I'm just the Grinch but I just don't want to be looking at it for the next 2 months. I don't think I would be so upset about it, but he is also my neighbor that decorated his house for Halloween on September 12th. Which he goes all out for every year with tombstones, Gothic stuff and every Witch he could find. It takes Chloe 6 months to recuperate after being scared out of her wits on Halloween by him (who dresses up with a mask). She won't even talk to the guy for months. But we still got to love them we couldn't ask for better neighbors.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hawaii 2009

My Grandparents invited us to go to Hawaii with them. Of course we could not turn them down. My cousin just returned from his mission their in August so we all got to go back and live it up with him. It was fun having him as our tour guide and telling us cool stories of his mission. The BSU vs. Hawaii football game was the same time. It all worked out so nicely. We had such a great time hanging out with family. My dear sweet Mother took our kids. Ashley and Todd were with us too so she had 5 kids 6 and under. Thanks Mom we owe you big time.
Taylor lived in Hawaii for a semester while he went to BYU-Hawaii. It was fun having him show us where he lived and the beaches that he like to go to. We found some really good buggie boarding and body surfing beaches. We snorkeled at Hanama Bay on afternoon. Thanks to all for such a great trip. You guys are the best.

Sandy Beach also know as Break Neck Beach. When we got out of the car and the lifeguard saw us with our resort beach towels he came and told us that only experienced swimmers and surfers were allowed in the water. Did we really look that obvious. We found a beach just up the road that was more our skill level.

Beautiful flowers everywhere.

The BSU football game. We killed them!!!!

The Honolulu Stake Tabernacle. This building looked like a combination of a LDS temple and a catholic church. Very interesting. A couple of Honolulu wards attend church here every Sunday. It is in Downtown Honolulu.
Pearl Harbor with Grandma. We had the best weather. We landed in SLC on Friday and it was 38 degrees. Taylor did not take any type of jacket so he looked like this when we got off the plane.

The Polynesian Cultural Center

Sea turtles by our resort!